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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Welcome Home Package

Going Live in...

3... 2... 1...

Countess Estates has the Welcome Home Concierge Service going live August 5, 2016!

Do you know someone moving into Middle Tennessee? Well, let us know so that we can welcome them to the neighborhood.

What does everyone need when they move in? Connections and Referrals!
The best way to find out is through people who have worked with the companies. Countess Estates will only refer companies who have shown consistent work performance. 

What's the difference between Countess Estates and all of those websites and apps? Well, even though they say that they have "verified" the company, all I have seen them do is send an email to the person who does the recommendation. I have never received a telephone call from any one of them much less have they visited the location to see the work first hand! Some of these websites will make the contractor pay a monthly fee AND A referral fee even if there is no actual contract signed. Some companies require the contractor to charge a certain amount and/or give a quote over the internet. While that may sound great, the fact of the matter is that quotes need to be personalized.
So, many of the great companies remove themselves. 

Someone from Countess Estates has personally seen and visited locations where each and every one of the referred contractors has worked and seen their results. These are real verification of services!

Call today to refer someone or to schedule your own meeting!
(615) 603-6374

Monday, July 11, 2016

ADT Security Discount

Save 20% For Signing Up 

Through Our Referral Services

Countess Estates is not affiliated in any way with ADT Security, but has partnered for this discount code for you - only for the discount. All agreements between ADT does not include Countess Estates unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior and does not constitute any type of fiduciary or other responsibility whether you use this discount code or not. It is your responsibility for any agreement and risks, and you agree to hold Countess Estates and Taylor Speer-Sims harmless for any and all claims. Basically, I just wanted to be able to give you a discount for a company that I believe to be great.

Elevator Speech

What I Do 

(Within The Time It Takes To Ride An Elevator)

My name is Taylor Speer-Sims, proud owner of Countess Estates. I am a home service concierge and personal property manager. What this means is that I can help you by doing little things like shopping and sourcing and/or scheduling contractors for lawn, maintenance, maid service, painters, specialists like art cleaning or preservation, or anything else you may need for your home. I can also take over the complete management of your home so that all you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy yourself, and live within the lifestyle you deserve. There are also programs for relocation, downsizing, and for seniors and those recently deceased. Just think of Countess Estates as your home's personal assistant!

  Additional Labels:  Murfreesboro, Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Belle Meade, Williamson County, Rutherford County, Davidson County, Property Management, Property Manager, Personal Assistant, Painter, Maid, Lawn Care, Personal Assistant, Home Manager, Estate Management, Estate Manager, Personal Shopper

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chi-Rho On The Website

 Changing the Herm to the Chi-Rho

IN Church on Sunday, we were given Deuteronomy 6: 10-11 to meditate over. This I have done over the last few days and will continue to do. However, I went back to the beginning of the chapter to learn the context.

Basically, we are told to observe and practice the laws. (I encourage you to read the entire for yourself.) We are to love our ONE God, "With all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our might." We need to teach our children and make sure that it is decorative and visibly seen by everyone. And, then on 6 : 9 the Bible goes on to say that we should "Write them upon the posts of our house, and on our gates."

Interestingly, the Herm was the symbol of the Greek god Hermes, and was the marking post of land borders. Hermes was the god that symbolized the multiplication (or not) of land and cattle (the wealth of the land).

Now, as a Christian, I can't very well continue to have these on the website as people may think that I represent a pagan god. So, I need to "mark my posts" with my love for Christ. As a historian, I chose a historic symbol, the "Chi-Rho." This is the symbol that Constantine saw in the sky, and which made the state religion of Rome change to Christianity.

I believe this particular photo is from a church, but I am not sure as the location where I got it from did not state the precise location, only that it was "public domain" issued. I like it specifically because it shows the symbol over the Cross and there are two men humbled beneath it. These are obviously soldiers and so are probably Crusaders. I will add that I do not in any way promote violence against anyone, nor do I promote any aggression toward someone of a different faith. This is simply a beautiful symbol of Christ and I think that it goes well with the theme of buildings (The roof and the columns). Of course, I reserve the right to change any picture in the future.

So, the final point is that I want to make sure to write my love of Christ upon my posts - my house, my gate, and my business.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Personal Manifesto

I am taking the 

7 Day Personal Concierge Mini Course

by Abbie Allen
The Concierge Society
and this is one of the things that we are requested to do.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Mission Statement

Our New Mission Statement for 

Countess Estates Concierge and Management Services

Countess Estates Concierge and Management Services always puts our clients first. We aim to provide royal-level service to everyone, no matter if their home is a small one-level room within a multi-unit building or a multi-story mansion with grand grounds. Our goal is to be the premier concierge and management company in the Middle Tennessee area. We are on target to have fifteen new clients this year.

Call now to schedule whatever you need

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Commercial Property Management

Especially Created For Historic Commercial Properties

Document the Property with date and time stamp photos
Weekly or monthly vacant upkeep as requested
Weekly or monthly light cleaning as requested
Weekly or monthly personal check in with lessees as
Grass upkeep
Notation of parking lots and signs at all visits
Checking on property including running water through taps
                 and flushing all toilets  
Documenting and photographing with date and time stamps
Communicating contact information with neighbors and 
                any lessees
Keeping additional keys in lockbox on property and/or in
                Countess Estates management custody
Emergency or urgent care 24/7 rush to property
Be present for any and all showings if requested
Inventory and Status on property and property's items
Develop Itemization Number System for all items that     

                 typically come without registration numbers,
                  such as planters, lobby chairs, etc.
Document in hard copy and/or computer program
Create and/or oversee Maintenance Schedule and Log

Schedule bids and contractors
Job description creation of employees and vendors
Property Duty Log and Schedule (cleaning, pick-ups, etc.) 

                   per owner's preference
Oversee property and grounds possible:
                  Main property
                  Subsidiary sites
                  Staff and subcontractors
                  Ancillary Buildings

Oversee Administrative Management and Planning:
       Property Book
       Basic or Advanced Kitchen Safety Kit (All items based

                   upon requests of owner)
       Assistance With Creating Vehicle Maintenance

                  Schedule  Log
       Basic or Advanced Tool Kit (All items based
                   upon requests of owner)

Contact Countess Estates Concierge and Management Services today!!!